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Huayang Community Center

Situated within a neighborhood park, public spaces in this community center are aligned along the city axis, while greenery from the park is weaved into the open staircases and courtyards, forging a series of connected indoor and outdoor spaces, transforming these spaces into where life takes center stage. During weekends, the community center can be transformed into a city market or exhibition gallery, embodying the vibrant spirit of the area. This architecture project seeks to bring nature into our everyday lives.

Location | Chengdu, China

Programme | Public Building

Client | Confidential

GFA | 4,850m2

Work Scope | Architecture – Concept, SD, DD

Current Status | On-hold

Consultants | Southwest Municipal Design Institution

We sculpted the form of this community center with the Chinese character for home “家”, symbolizing its role as the heart of this neighborhood, as it will serve as an extension for each of the surrounding families. The architectural articulation of the eaves takes the form of folded canopies, manifesting both a visual homage to everyone’s home, and a functional gateway to communal activities, bringing socializing back to the public realm, while fostering quality human interactions.

The planning of the community center focuses on the integration of nature and social activities together.

Programmatic needs spreading throughout indoor and outdoor spaces.

Semi-outdoor spaces within the design seamlessly orchestrate a congenial environment, offering park-goers a welcoming sanctuary for casual and spontaneous gatherings. By extending the park and planting up the grand staircase, an otherwise mundane vertical circulation axis is transformed into an enjoyable journey that engages, while providing a place for respite from the hustle and bustle of a city life.

Meanwhile, in designing the indoor spaces, we articulate strong visual connections between the indoors, outdoors and intra-levels, strengthening the fluidity of these spaces and allowing visitors to move in and out with ease.

Home is where our roots intertwine with our being. Drawing inspiration from this notion, we want to craft a space to evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity. May it not merely become a structure, but a place where values of compassion and  genuine human connection can take center stage. 

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