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Zhise Furniture Showroom

Zhise is an emerging luxury furniture design brand, focusing on injecting new vitality into the traditional material of mahogany with a modern design aesthetics. The spatial design of the showroom intends to replicate domesticity, while volumetric design of the space attempts to complement the specific geometry of these contemporary furniture pieces. 

Location | Shanghai, China

Programme | Retail – Contemporary Furniture

Client | Zhise

NFA | 280m2

Work Scope | Interior Design – Concept, SD, DD, CD, Construction Cooperation

Current Status | Completed

The architectural layout seeks to recreate the familiarity and comfort of a personal dwelling, while simultaneously showcasing a curated selection of exquisite furniture. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by an intimate vestibule, effectively sets the stage for a personalized encounter. Continuing further, the spatial configuration unfolds into a more generous expanse,  displaying furniture pieces chosen for family rooms. To the right, a semi-private tea room offers respite and an opportunity to indulge in a moment of relaxation, while also doubling as a tasteful design meeting room for potential buyers. A perfect ambiance to foster conversations that seamlessly blends creativity with practicality.

As visitors venture deeper, they will encounter two inviting alcoves, each arranged to showcase the furniture designed for bedrooms and game rooms. Tucked away along the rear wall of the showroom, one finds an administrative room for the team to coordinate. Adjacent to this space, a private powder room discreetly ensures convenience without disrupting the seamless flow of the environment. 

To create an immersive and multisensory experience as one steps into the showroom, the naturally fragranced “zhennan” wood pieces were selected to fashion a bespoke steel wire hung wall screen. This infuses the space with a captivating scent, leaving a memorable and aromatic first impression on visitors, enveloping them in a sensory journey that transcends traditional visual appreciation.

In terms of visual aesthetics, the arc motif from the furniture pieces is incorporated into the design of the ceiling, walls, and alcoves openings, an effort to create a visually captivating and conceptually coherent environment.

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