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Elefoto Changying

An excellent retail experience shall not only satisfy the visual aesthetics, it shall also sculpt an exciting atmosphere. Our design aim is to open up the store as much as possible for everyone to casually browse and have some fun.

Location | Beijing, China

Programme | Retail – Photography Studio

Client | Elefoto

NFA | 300m2

Work Scope | Interior Design – Concept, SD, DD, CD, Construction Cooperation

Current Status | Completed

In order to create a generous storefront, we have taken down all the shopfront glazing, and replaced it with public seating nooks, blurring the lines between shop and mall.

In our material selection, we aimed to showcase the unique features of each area, while ensuring coherence throughout the space. The imaging area, where color sensitivity is crucial for digital work, features a pristine white background accentuated with stainless steel, exuding a serene and high-tech vibe. While in the lounge area, natural timber was chosen for the ceiling and flooring, evoking a homely and inviting ambiance that is reminiscent of a living room.

Taking advantage of the full height glazed cladding and a tall ceiling, we intend to capture all the potential of what natural daylight can do for an interior space. To bring the outdoors indoors, we opted for an outdoor-inspired flooring in the form of mosaic tiles, complemented by a wooden trellis ceiling and verdant foliage throughout. As patrons strolling along inside a stuffy shopping mall, a leisurely green discovery awaits them inside Elefoto.

Bespoke vanity tables with concealed storage space keep the makeup studio neat and tidy, while all tools and cosmetics are easily accessible when needed.

Circulation Diagram

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