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Songshan Cotton Shop

How to craft the perfect store to showcase a diverse range of merchandise in various style and sizes, while striking a balance that captivates the customers without overwhelming them?  This interior design project presents the perfect opportunity to tackle this obstacle. By designing a functional and modular display shelving system and incorporating biophillic design elements, shoppers can immerse themselves and explore in this effortless and comfortable environment, while creating an aesthetics that makes the brand more memorable.

Location | Beijing, China

Programme | Retail – Home/Causal Wear

Client | Songshan

GFA | 320m2

Work Scope | Interior – Concept, SD, DD, CD, Construction Cooperation

Current Status | Completed

First, to enhance the visual perception of this brand, a natural color scheme and soft curves were chosen for the shopfront to reflect the brand’s gentle tactile qualities. It is our belief that the store aesthetics have the potential to initiate a subconscious dialogue with its customers, leading to a long-lasting impression.

Space Planning Strategy  (Scroll to left)

In addition to increasing display real-estate, free-standing shelves also provide visual clues to guide the shoppers to go further into the store, revealing the layering of space and merchandise beyond.

These stand-alone and built-in shelves at the wall both follow a 600mm wide and a 300mm tall module to allow for flexibility in merchandise display. The outer frames and horizontal separations help to group the collections together, providing hierarchy and coherence.

Low-level display islands are designed to accommodate different small items, mock-ups, or box-set merchandise.

Various dimensions of wooden trays may also be assembled to provide distinct settings for staging merchandise.

With natural materials, lush greenery, and a calming color palette, we have created an ambiance that fosters a sense of ease and relaxation, while also presenting a lasting impression that connects the customers with the authentic qualities of their brand.

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