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Office Building

Aspired to provide an environment with good pedestrian connectivity and excellent park views, while promoting sustainability and wellness lifestyle, the architectural design of this office building is thoroughly responsive to its surroundings. To foster a variety of socializing opportunities, cascading terraces and a central atrium were designed to promote spontaneous interactions. Simple and natural materials harmonize the building with the park environment.

Location | Chengdu, China

Programme | Office Building

Client | Confidential

GFA | 3,920m2

Work Scope | Architecture & Cladding – Concept, SD, DD

Current Status | On-hold

Consultants | Southwest Municipal Design Institution

To start, the massing of the building caters specifically for this site. The back of the building is fronting the access road and main road, an effort to shield noise from the building. The volume of the building has been maximized, while facilitating a 180 degree view of the park. A central atrium is carved out to bring more nature daylight into the floor plates and to promote natural ventilation. Terraces facing the park are stepped back, gently inviting the park and outdoor atmosphere into the realm of offices.

Embracing the ambiance of the park, wood is chosen as the main cladding material for the elevation facing the park, creating a coherent language between architecture and park’s landscape.

At the East and the West elevations, vertical shading elements are designed to provide shading in the summer and improve indoor comfort level. The varying intervals between the shading fins make a more playful facade and a more approachable building.

Meanwhile, the presence of greenery and access to natural light can provide a sense of calmness and rejuvenation, leading to a healthier and more sustainable work environment. It is a space that prioritizes human well-being and connections.

For the wellness of occupants, various sustainability features are designed to be incorporated into this office building.

As we spend an increasingly large amount of time at work, an office building featuring biophilic design elements offers numerous advantages that go beyond aesthetics. Our intention is to create a workspace that promotes both well-being and productivity, while fostering a deeper connection with nature.

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