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2nd Sejong Center for Performing Arts
Design Competition

Our vision for the 2nd Sejong Center for Performing Arts is to encourage the display of various art forms through different architectural and public spaces. We aimed to provide a platform for all art enthusiasts to communicate and find inspirations amidst panoramic scenery. 

At the same time, the performing arts center will enhance the connectivity of the surrounding communities and allowing more people to enjoy the Han River park and the Yeouido Park. 

Location | Seoul, Korea

Programme | Performing Arts Center, Riverfront Park

Client | Seoul Metropolitan Government

Work Scope | Concept Competition

Current Status | Idea

Urban Context Engagement as Key Design Driver

Our design process started with various urban context engagement considerations.

We also aimed to embrace diverse vibrant outdoor and indoor performing art spaces

Panoramic Views Drive Public Circulation at All Levels

Amid stunning scenery, the site boasts a variety of views type, including CBD architecture, the lush Yeouido Park, and boundless Han River vistas. 

Ramps, escalators, stairs, platforms, and other public facilities form a panorama view route. Its circulation not only organizes the building’s functions but also showcases Seoul’s finest views from dynamic perspectives. 

Architecture as Catalyst for Enhanced Pedestrian Experience

By creating a 24×7 public route, visitors can seamlessly journey from the park to the riverside through the Performing Arts Center, offering them a continuous and unhindered experience of the urban space. 

Architectural Stacking

The architectural stacking of the builidng unfolds around the Grand Hall, with the grand foyer situated on the eastern side of the Grand Hall. From here, quick access is provided to the exhibition hall and the front of the Medium Hall. 

Through the lifts inside two core shafts, visitors can swiftly reach the education center, restaurants, and other public facilities on the western upper levels. These westernfacing public amenities on the higher floors offer exceptional views. Offices, BOH, and rehearsal spaces required for performances are arranged around the stage on the eastern side of the Grand Hall, facilitating rapid movement for personnel.

The Grand Hall & The Medium Hall

The Grand Hall has a total floor area of approximately 8000m2 and is equipped with three levels of seating, catering to around 2010 spectators. The stage  is in a traditional cruciform, with the backstage area directly connected to the unloading zone at ground level.

The Medium Hall has a floor area of approximately 4000m2 and can accommodate around 700 seats. The entrance foyer is directly connected to a sunken courtyard, providing a swift solution for crowd dispersal after events.

Additional Performace Spaces

During the summer season, the grassy expanse of Yeouido Island Park transforms into a dynamic stage for music festivals. Taking advantage of the 7.5-meter-high entrance space, it is ingeniously re-purposed as a main performance stage.

Following the designated observation route, visitors are guided to the Sky Theater, elevated to an impressive height of 37 meters. On regular days, this semi-outdoor space is a observatory deck, while it is also a verstile venue for various events, from performances and movie premiers to weddings and fashion shows. 

With a height reaching up to 30 meters, the grand foyer space extends an inviting canvas for a variety of artistic displays. From the outdoor observation platform to the indoor Grand Hall corridors, individuals can relish static or dynamic works of art from various perspectives.

With the vast Han River as a backdrop, people can sit on the roof above the mid-sized theater to enjoy the evening hues. As dusk arrives, diverse outdoor performances can take place here, enriching city dwellers’ evenings. Enhanced by monumental art sculptures, this space becomes everyone’s meeting point, embodying the city’s romance.

Cladding Material Selection

A Vibrant Waterfront Park

Tranforming from an expansive ceremonial hardscape, the river front park is revitalized with designs catering to diverse engagements, all age groups, all seasons, spanning the spectrum for the actively engaged to the contemplative. 

Meanwhile, large riprap stones and floating wetlands lines the water edge, fostering an ecological balance in the site, enhancing visitors’ awareness with the sight and sound of water, and nuturing native wildlife. 

Beacon on the Han River

When night descends, the performance arts center becomes a glowing gem along the Han River.