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Taikoo Li Sanlitun S01 Public Realm & Facade Renovation

Sanlitun Taikoo Li, a prominent cultural and shopping hub in Beijing, China, faced the task of transforming one of its structures, with an outdated exterior façade that was renovated a decade ago, to house a renowned streetwear collection store.  

In this transformation, we aimed to infuse the space with a vibrant atmosphere and human scale that define street retail, while integrating brand identity, product placement, public engagement, and refined façade aesthetics.

Location | Beijing, China

Programme | Retail 

Client | Swire Properties

Work Scope | Concept, SD, DD, CD Aesthetic Review, Construction Cooperation

Current Status | Completed in 2023

LDI | China Electronics Engineering Design Institute Co., LTD

Lighting Consultant | Permanent Illumination Design (Beijing) Co., LTD

The old retail cladding was closed-off at the entrance to Taikoo Li South, not leveraging its position as the gateway to the shopping area.

A large staircase was impeding visual and physical connection, while also taking up too much space in an otherwise vibrant pocket plaza.

A dark and unattractive lift lobby that was also difficult to find.

Architecture as Manifestation of Streetwear

Unlike those luxury brands that rely on ornate embellishments and patterns to highlight exclusivity, street fashion brands prefer natural materials and colors to convey authenticity, naturalness, and individualism.

We hope to use this building to evoke people’s memories of those free-spirited and energetic streets, while also showing the side of street fashion culture that advocates nature, neutrality, uniqueness, and coolness.

Inspired by La Brea, a Streetwear hotspot in Los Angeles, we envisioned the facade as a collage of diverse shopfronts, with a variety of textures and materials.

Synergy with Facade Design & Brand Personality

The stacked shop windows are designed as stages to showcase the multiple brands the store carries, allowing them to shine individually while maintaining a cohesive look with consistent silhouettes.

Multiple Materials in Seamless Union

In terms of cladding materials, we selected natural building material with low color saturation, such as stone, timber, and stainless steel, while endowing them with various scales and textures to enhance the contrast and expression of these materials.

A Friendly Street Narrative

To craft a new spatial narrative, we aimed to create a friendly and welcoming streetscape for shoppers to take respite from the hectic shopping scene and to more foster social interactions.

Our primary renovation strategy involved the creation of a new spatial layer that bridges the street and the building. Within this 800 mm depth zone, seating areas and lush vegetations were designed to encourage social interaction while immersing shoppers in this dynamic street culture.

Next, by removing the large staircase on the south side, we have created a new inviting pocket plaza, increasing the potential for social activities.

Public Realm Makeover

A complete makeover was also given to the previously dark and uninviting lift lobby. We have opened up the enclosed lobby, encouraging everyone to make ful use of the various facilities provided inside the lobby. 


With sustainability in mind, we have selected terrazzo panels with embedded thrown-away ceramics as the interior wall material to lighten up the space.

The bright yellow colour is to echo the brand colour of Taikoo Li Sanlitun, while also serving as an organic way-finding device.

To learn more about our lift lobby transformation, visit our Linked In article: Retail x Public Realm | Lift Lobby Makeover

A Beacon at Night

As level three remained home to independently operated F&B establishments throughout the renovation process, we re-cladded the building with perforated metal panel formed in curves pieces that correspond with the lower levels design aesthetics. 

When night descends, this third-floor veil lights up, turning itself into a beacon  gateway to South Taikoo Li.